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Get Help With Your Medicare Insurance Needs

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"...Making Medicare Easy..."

Navigating the complex world of Medicare choices can be frustrating.

We're here to make it easy and be a resource that you can depend on year after year.


Choosing a Medicare plan is overwhelming.  Most have never shopped for own health insurance before.  We help people understand their options; the pros & cons of the alternatives, then help them to choose a plan(s) that will maximize coverage & reduce costs (or both!).  

We are here throughout the year to assist our clients as quesitons arise and of course review their selections during the next Open Enrollment.

Professional Advisors

Financial Advisors, CPAs & Estate Attorneys all have clients asking for help with Medicare.  While many have some knowledge of the options, it is a distraction from their core focus and not where their expertise lie. 

We partner with other professionals to help their clients with their Medicare decisions. Making the Advisor look like a hero and strengthing their relationship with her clients!


Employers & Group Benefits Consultants

Older employees (or spouses) impact the cost of your Health Insurance renewals.  Medicare is available to anyone over age 65.  Fear of the unknown keeps many people from leaving their Group Insurance Plan.  Simply educating employees on Medicare, so they understand their options, can make all the difference.  

When older employees opt onto Medicare everyone wins!

Your Trusted Medicare Advisor

When it comes to Medicare, we know that the choices are overwhelming. 

To help you make the right decision we take a commonsense approach – we ask questions, listen to your answers and  then recommend the type of policies that best fit your particular needs.

Our goal is to always, "maximize your coveage, while minimzing your risk...or both!