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Senior Benefits Boston

Senior Benefits Boston was launched in 2016 by Scott Maibor to focus exclusively on helping clients navigate the confusing world of Medicare.

Scott started in Medicare when a colleague had asked Scott if he would be interested in assisting him with his Medicare clients as a side-line to the other insurance products Scott was focused on at the time.  While initially reluctant (in fact Scott turned down the offer 3 times before giving in!) Scott finally agreed to help clients, in a limited geographic area (Boston's North Shore), with their Medicare.  

But then something surprising happened...while returning contact requests from prospects he realized...prospects were returning his calls!  This had almost never happened with the other lines of insurance Scott represented and proved to be his "eureka moment".  

The number of people reaching Medicare age with questions and trepidation was overwhelming.  So many people, with so many questions, anxious for the professional guidance they are accustomed to in other areas of their lives (financial, legal, tax, etc.) but with so few places to turn.  

Over time, Scott built up his practice and reputation North of Boston, conducting workshops at libraries, community centers, religious & civic group meetings and online. 

Then Covid came and the world changed overnight.

Suddenly, what was the norm (in fact required!), meeting clients in person, was no longer allowed!

Workshops were banned!

This is when Scott realized that most of his clients were coming from 2 sources: referrals from previous clients sending freinds and relativers and referrals from other professionals such as Financial Planners, CPAs, Attorneys, etc. looking for help with their clients' questions.  

Scott spend the beginning of Covid rethinking how to work remotely with clients, while  providing the same level of attention and detail as before but to a virtually unrestrcited (by geography) client base.  Scott now represents clients in 22 states and works with Individuals, Professional Advisors & Employers across the country with the goal of

"always maximizing coverage while reducing costs".

As the industry evolves and compliance requirements change Senior Benefits Boston will change also.  SBB has begun offering fee-based Medicare advising to comply with the new disclaimer from CMS.

Scott lives with his wife in a beach town North of Boston where he frequently records his "Medicare Missives from the Beach" on his morning walk.  They have 3 kids and a cat.