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Critical Illness & Cancer Insurance 

Medical insurance pays the Doctor and Hospital but what about all of the other costs associated with getting seriously ill?  From gas and parking at the Hospital to visit a loved one to additional help at home and take-out dinners.


Most Advantage plans have co-pays that can add up to $1000s!


Cancer, Heart Attacks & Strokes are not only devastating emotionally but also take a financial toll.


Any benefit from the policy is paid to you directly to be used how you see fit.  

A lump sum benefit is paid directly to you (or someone you designate), regardless of any other health insurance coverage you have, upon first diagnosis of cancer and heart attack or stroke.


GTL’s Cancer, Heart Attack & Stroke Insurance (critical illness insurance) is flexible and offers cutting-edge benefits for you. In addition to an extensive set of riders, policyholders will have access to an experimental treatment benefit, a skin cancer benefit and more.


Cancer, Heart Attack & Stroke insurance policies are designed to help you pay both medical and non-medical expenses so you can focus on getting well.